About Hypi

Hypi is an application developer community centred around its unique low-code, serverless development platform which enables users to build and share vastly scalable, low-risk data-driven-applications.

We're empowering the world's developers, by letting you focus on creating value, instead of managing complex database workflows — and living impactful lives while we do it.

Hypi Vision
We envision a world where everyone can create robust, flexible and scalable apps easily! Databases are at the heart of many applications, yet data management workflows are a massive time expenditure for developers and organisations.

We're on a mission to simplify and change how software is developed. We strive to cut development time for any data-driven application. No more boilerplate CRUD work!

Take advantage of modern development practices, including serverless functions and API gateways into external and legacy systems. Spend the time saved on building value-adding features, and looking onwards; in the end, we are simplifying software development!
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